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The future of James lighting is limitless and the successof James Lighting would not happen without our partners. James Lighting is veryglad to have found friend who share the same version all over Earth. All theway across the Paific Ocean. We are very glad to introduce our exclusivedistributors from French, and Japan.

If you are interested in knowing more about the benfits of what our partner isenjoy please visit our ExclusiveDistributor Information page.

Exclusive Distributor Information To spreadEnergy consumption across the world is not an easy task and definitely not one company can do by itself. Therefore, we are very knee to partner up with you interested distributors such as yourself. Below is a summarized items of what we will offer to you as an exclusive distributor for James Lighting. Additional terms and conditions can be discuses in details.

Key Benefits of Partnership with James Lighting as Exclusive Distributor.

  • Authorize as solo distribution on assigned region, with protection. James Lighting will no longer sell to the region.
  • All future potential clients will be forwarded to you.
  • All existing contact within region will be forwarded within three months (this period may be shorter upon agreement).
  • Exclusive discount rate
  • Priority technical support (access to contacts in different time-zones, UK&China)
  • Priority production slot
  • Use of James Marketing (website, fair, newsletter, magazine)

We are positive that you will understand a long term contractual relationship is very serious. Therefore, we want to know about our potential partner as much as possible. During the negotiation terms we will make decision base on past and future deliveries. Below is a summary of items we believe is important for a successful long term relationship.

Key Requirement for application of Executive Distributor.

  • Must promote James Brand, and not promoting similar products.
  • Execute agreed James Lighting General policy
  • At least 2 purchase made, one of them meeting MOQ level
  • Total purchase of USD$10,000 from James Lighting in the pas t
  • Good credit rating (including good payment history of previous purchases)
  • Agree to any credit check procedures we may take

We would also like to learn more about you and your future plans. Below is some suggestions for what we believe will be able to show clearer of our future co-operations.Submit business plan with following detail:

  • Company background
  • Representing region
  • Marketing plan

What is the main range of product you sale? UV lamp? Led light? Commercial light? Industrial light?How you promote the product in the region? TV? Magazine? News paper? Trade show? Etc.)Who is the target market (including distribution channel if you will be dealer with other distributors).

  • Sales prediction that co-ordinates with the marketing plan. (How much sales you expected to generate annually and quarterly? Where/who are these sales from? what project you’ve done? What project you plan to do? )
  • Technical support ( How you provide after-sale service? Any personnel within the company with lighting or/and electrons background ? Or relying on Singbee only)


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