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UV Light Sterilizer

1. Product Parameter

Product name: Ultraviolet sterilization lamp

Model Number: 36W sterilization lamp   

Type of Lamp-house: Quartz ultraviolet light source          


Applicable area: 30~40 m²

Net Weight: 1.36KG

Power: 36w

Dimension: 180mm*430mm

Rechargeable: Not available

Operating Voltage: 185~240V

Ozone or not: Optional

Installation Method: Pedestal

Control Mode: Remote control/Timing

2. Function

2-1 Adopting quartz glass ultraviolet lamp tube, the penetration rate is high, the sterilization effect is better.

2-2 Remove the odour of methanol.

2-3 Ultraviolet sterilization.

3. Use and precautions

3-1 Staring mode 1: Remote control. Plugin the power – Switch on – The indicator light flashes – Press the remote control key (red power button) – Choose the timer mode (15/30/60 minutes) – Press the remote control then there will be a”beep” (red power button) – Wait for 5 seconds – Enter into the start mode (Continuous “beep” for 30 seconds) -The lamp is started

3-2 Staring mode 1: Button control. Plugin the power – Switch on – The indicator light flashes – Press the timer button(black button) – Choose the timer mode (15/30/60 minutes) – A “beep” – Wait for 5 seconds – Enter into the start mode(Continuous “beep” for 30 seconds) – The lamp is started

3-3 Ultraviolet characteristics: Wavelengths irradiate microbes to destroy their DNA and RNA so that the bacteria lost the ability to survive and reproduce so as to achieve disinfection and sterilization.

3-4 After the lamp is turned on, keep away from the room. Leave the disinfection space for people/animals. Ventilatefor 30 minutes after disinfection with the UV lamp with ozone.

3-5 Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light can cause damage to the eyes and skin of humans/animals. Therefore, people and animals should leave the room when the disinfection is carried out in a confined space.

3-6 Generally disinfect 2-3 times one week.

3-7 The service life of the lamp tube is 6000 hours, the warranty for the lamp tube warranty one year(Exclude man-made damage).

3-8 Within a reasonable sterilizing time, ultraviolet rays do little harm to clothing, furniture, etc.

3-9 Usage time reference: bedroom (15/30 minutes) kitchen toilet (15/30 minutes) living room (60 minutes).

Note: During use, please follow the instructions. If you are accidentally irradiated by ultraviolet light for a long time and find your eyes sore or skin red and itchy, please seek medical advice immediately.

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