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  • uv sterilizer box
  • uv light box
  • uv sanitizer box
  • uv resistant storage box
  • uv curing box
  • uv box sanitizer

UV Sterilizer Box

(with wireless charging function for mobile phone)


Product name Multifunctional charging sterilization box
Product model WSO   
Input 9V / 2A
Wireless charging output 10W (max)   
Headphone output 5W
Watch output 5W
UV output 2W
Internal cooling fan 5W
Size 202*202*52mm
Weight 500g
Color White
Material ABS+PC 
 Rated frequency 110-205kHz
Wireless charge conversion rate 73%   
Transmission distance ≤6mm


What’s inbox

Multi-functional charging sterilization box    x1

Type -C cable (1M)   x1

Instructions   x1

Quick Guide

1. Connect power distribution with the USB-c cable, and then the red LED blinks one time, grim one blinks for one time too. Red LED indicates wireless charge mode and blue one indicates sterilization mode. 2. Set the items to be sterilized into the sterilization box, close the lid and touch sterilization switch to start sterilization. It takes 3 minutes to finish sterilizing. After that, the light flashes for 5 seconds and then shuts off 3. Wireless charging function: place the mobile phone at the wireless component, touch the charging switch to start wireless charging. The red indicator keeps flashing (breathing) during wireless charging; The cans start charging when it is plugged in, and the apple view could be charged when it is put in the charging area. 4. Wireless charging may work with sterilization mode at the same time. When working together, red and blue indicator breath(flash) together; Charging and sterilizing may also do the job independently.


1. Before usage, please connect the power source, then the item stays in wireless charging mode, the indicator light show therefore red, it will stay on for 30 seconds and then turn off to be standby if no device on charging area. 2. If the red light is not on, please assess whether the charging cable or plug connected to the power supply correctly. 3. The indicator lights are all red/green/ blue.

Magnetic Switch

The sterilizing box will automatically turn on the UV light to sterilize once you close the lid, and it will automatically close the UV light following opening the cover with the design of the magnetic switch, which prevents any injury to the body or eyes.


1. When you don’t need to sterilize phone or other items, it’s better not to close the lid when charging phone watch and AirPods, because high temperature may slow the charging speed. 2. When you use it in order to charge your phone, flip on the charging switch, please place the phone in the right position to be certain it recognizes your device well. If your phone doesn’t seem to control, then please try to move your phone and watch that.


X Do not disassemble the product by yourself X Do not use this product in high temperature or humid environment, please store it away from fire and water X This product only works for the charging of smartphones which have wireless control function, apple view, and AirPods X Can not put any metal substances at the wireless charge component of this product, please don’t use a metal protective case. If your phone case is a metal case, please just take it off before charging

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